Bay Area TrboTalk

Instant, reliable, unlimited Team Communications for only $29.50 per unit per month.

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Bay Area TrboTalk owns and operates both a digital and an analog wide-area network. The network offers centralized trunking providing dispatch service on 10 separate mountaintop sites. They cover a large geographic area in Northern California utilizing LTR Analog, Capacity Plus and Connect Plus Digital Platforms.

Bay Area TrboTalk holds licenses to a large spectrum of non-shared, exclusive-use frequencies offering a 40 mile FB8 protected service area. On our FB8 non-shared, protected frequencies, your service will maintain low latency, high reliability and maximum accessibility. These exclusive-use frequencies allow home channels to always be accessible for channel assignments, no electronic monitoring is necessary. This maximizes system access and system capacity for long-term reliability.

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Serving Northern California